Friday, March 30, 2012

Two women of power painted on the wall at 190 Eighth St. really close to Howard, the wall of an imaging place, megapiximaging.

Big eyes, both of them. Their big eyes show they know what would be good and stylish to happen and how to hang with the molecules so it does happen.

One has red curly hair that springs out around her head kind of like a tree crown. The other has black wavy hair that stays pretty close to her head.

You know they fix each other's hair up, and like the vacation with someone else's hair challenges and opportunities. "It really does that, huh?"

They know when it's time to have an outdoor afternoon party.

The time they choose to have it, maybe it doesn't rain. Or maybe it does rain, and partygoer's learn that the two women have ponchos for all, bright colors some of them, others funky designs created at other parties and re-cut.

The walk in the rain route is set and set forth on by the ponchoed. Some don't want to do it, so they stay in the indoor space too small for everyone, and at least two of them have a life changing conversation at just this right time.

The walkers splash and mostly like nature. The power of rain is not just what rain does, it's what it says.

Three block away, Mary and Howard, near Fifth and Howard, another woman of power. Wearing feathers draped down her back, with an eagle head right over her forehead, and mammal horns coming out of her head above her temples. The horns are part of the headdress? The horns are hers growing out? Unknown. It's interesting to not know what kind of universe I'm seeing.

She looks focussed. She is looking in a focussed way. It feels like she knows how to use weapons from several nature wise human cultures. She's ready.

I think she and other women know each other, remind each other to not always look for the fight, to not be so subtle your vulnerable.