Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A great looking ballet moment is when the man lifts the woman up high.

She always jumps right at the start of his lifting. The whole momen is designed for her jump to not show.

She jumps. Being a ballerina, she has strong legs and is good at jumping.

It takes two strong people with practiced timing to make one person look that strong.

The image went with a time, a he time, and still is beautiful see. Many images from this time of less strong/weak opposition are missing, yet to be found.

Shakespeare worked in a coop. Most of the actors in the company shared profits. Some other actos were brought in on an as needed basis.

Shakespeare didn't right about working in a coop. He wrote about kings quite a bit. Monarchs were quite powerful. Shakespeare's coop theatre couldn't have existed without being sponsored by the monarch or a high aristocrat. But down lower, day to day, the actors were doing coop, an interesting and powerful thing to know how to do.

We don't have great art or much art about that.

People mock Oscar receivers for thanking too many people. There's a wisdom in their doing that. Lots of people lift, on set and at home, that they might look strong, special, gorgeous, whatever it is. We're learning how to learn how to talk about that.

We scarce know how to talk about it at all, except for the support team complaining, which is a long way from making great art about it.\\

Maybe "The Merry Wives of Windsor" by Shakespeare is about a coop in a way. Three women, who are friends, work together to make a man, who is a self-centered fool, look like what he is.

The legend is that Queen Elizabeth asked Shakespeare to write a play about Falstaff in love. Falstaff was a character in other plays who was way too self-centered to fall in love.

The play is a great example of how to give a person in power, not what they want, but something in the area of what they want that is so good they won't mind. QEI would be laughing too much to compaline,.