Monday, December 19, 2011

Pop2012 at Oracle Arena, the basketball arena in Oakland, will happen March 31, 2012. Tickets went on sale December 1, 1011. Many shiny cards were out about it in mid-November. Looks, on the cards, like a rave, but the hours are less than a classic rave--7 pm to 2 am.

All the shiny cards say along with pix and date and time, "Be smart+Be aware+Your body is a temple."

That's sounds more sincere and a little more likely to work than the tag on commercials--"Drink responsibly." It would be a fine thing to have something as skilled and appealing as a commercial to show what drink responsibly would look like.

The "Your body is a temple" words don't have instructions, but seem like that might evoke in some people a touch of slightly wiser behavior. "Drink responsibly," as presented sounds very "We had to say this, we said it."