Friday, March 04, 2011

I am liking my muffler, which is warm, which is new to me, which is covered with dots the size of quarters which are pink and purple and yellow and orange and light green--all colors looking brighter because they are on a black background.

I am liking the big library book "Gothic" edited by Rolf Toman with appropriately Oh-my-God beautiful photography by Achim, especially the photographs of red and green and blue and yellow stained glass windows, the colors looking brighter because of the vast outdoor light from the other side and because the lines between the pieces of colored glass are dark.

I am liking the fairly new painted flowers on the asphalt of Russ Street, an alley in the Tenderloin between Natoma and Minna, flowers mostly red and yellow with petals like daisies, all ultimately coming out of a central stem that goes up and down the whole stylized, clear work of art, all the colors of which look brighter because they are against dark asphalt.

The Russ flowers won't get worn down nearly as fast as other, more functional painting on asphalt because that half block of Russ has been closed to traffic. It's next to a playground and the whole thing seems child-centric in a way that cities, and this city aren't so very often.

There are other pieces of art, vertical art, around the horizontal flowers. The fince around the playground has attached to itself many animals cut out, with playful animal love, from flat pieces of metal. They include a crocodile, an armadillo with a bird on its back, and a three-frog band, the frogs playing stand-up bass, drum, and accordion. The bass and drum remind me that the sounds frogs make in real life are often deep and almost always rhythmic. I decide the accordion ripples the sound of the water frogs are in or near.

There are tiles on building walls near the brightly colored asphalts with kid's words in printing kids might have done with a letter set that pushes letters into clay."I am a fish. The ocean is my best friend." "Rule 4 Know what you want." "You get in a fight. Go to jail." "I move by bouncing. I am a basketball." "Rule 8 Follow the colors."

When I see bright colors put together in a way I particularly like that's particularly intense, I think of you because knowing you is having colors intensified, including things I didn't know were colors and that I didn't know could be intensified. I'm getting warmer.