Monday, February 14, 2011

It looked like a cross betwenn a corgi and a pit bull, which was entertaining since corgis are associated with Queen Elizabeth II and pit bulls are associated with USA criminals.

It also looked happy, liking being on the leash, leading its human, not too fast, not too slow, across teh cross walk, enjoying seeing and smellig what there was to see and smell.

Sometimes when I breed of dogs gets popular, too many of the individual dogs of that breed are kind of stupid because of too much inbreeding.

This dog, from gene pools that haven't often met looked bright, looked to be loving noticing all thing noticable and figuring them out to the doggy extent possible.

Maybe the different dog bits inside him that hadn't been worn down by too much contact were, every day, enjoying inside him how the other kind of dog gene was different. Wow! You're really like that! Amazing! Often awestruck, never bored.