Monday, December 06, 2010

Read a little bit about the BP Gulf oil spill. Looked at some pictures. October, 2010 "National Geographic."

Looked at a map of drilling and of damage in the Gulf of Mexico.

Feel a little sick, slightly poisoned, not good. Cars move all around me.

I wonder if I'll be strong enough to read the whole article and look closely at each photo of oil touching life.

The shrimp in the enlargement is about as long as my hand. In read life it's smaller.

"A shrimp the size of a staple swims amid dark brown globules of oil. The effect of the spill on the eggs and larvae of shrimp, crabs, and fish, all keys to the local economy, remains unknown."

Eco from the Greek word for home. Economy, ecology, are we home yet?

--Quote from "The Gulf of Oil: Is it worth the risk?" "National Geographic," October, 2010.