Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One block of 19th in the Mission between Mission and Valencia has three murals of movement.

Across the top of a utility building, a mural in honor of the Latin players on the San Francisco Gigantes, called Giants in English. A long mural that has the feeling of a hit or thrown baseball--the arc of a baseball, the long flattish flight path would fit well in the mural.

The mural, by Precita Eyes, makes good use of an orange vibe. The Gigantes colors are orange and black. Orange isn't always easy to use well, but the muralists do. It's on the uniforms of the pictured players, naturally, but also it sort of pervades the piece with the feeling of a baseball sunny afternoon.

Unfar away, toward Mission, a soccer, futball, mural tumbles around. The players are playing on a world map and enjoyed themselves and they are rolling and the ball is rolling and close to them, not far away like a baseball gets sometimes. It feels like the map itself is reveling in the fact that it rolls like a soccer ball.

Not very far away, closer to Mission, is a super hero mural, with a bunch of them.

A good thing about understanding a sport and caring about how it goes with a particular team is that you watch games closely.

If you watch any sport game closely at the professional level, you will see super hero moments, unbelievable things that it seems like a fellow human being couldn't do but just did.

Such moments, amazing, against the odds, happen all the time on Planet Earth, but ar often missed because so much else is going on, so much is going on at once.

Sport simplifies what actions matter, what actions are likely to happen. Sport focuses the attention. We can see, sometimes, the wonder that is around us in so many ways.