Thursday, July 01, 2010

A lot of times, if kids are enjoying words as words, they do it loudly.

But a couple of kids on the afternoon bus were enjoying words as words in a conversational tone of voice as they talked about their lunch.

"Pan-da Ex-press, Pan-da Ex-press," said one.

The other said, "I liked the orange chicken. Or-ange. Orrrr-ange."

"The lady next to us was fat, or heavy-set," said one.

The other replied, "Obese. O-B-E-S-E."

As I left the bus, one was saying, "Lemonade. Lem-on-ade."

Maybe someone could connect them with haiku. If they found a haiku they liked, they could relish some of its words."


"Rip-ple. Rip-ple."