Friday, May 14, 2010

Women tend to tend to things. They tend to keep things going.

Possible problems with tending to keep things going:

1. Maybe what you're tending to isn't supposed to keep going. Maybe it is actually bad, on balance, and should cease to exist. Or, maybe it was okay or good, but it's been around enough already. It needs to leave to leavespace for something else, not be life-supported by you.

2.You need to be doing something else with your time, helping something new find its place.

New things can be started by the big plan. New things can also be started by listening as you step through today and do little things your intuition suggests.

Maybe you learn a year or two later what the little moves from intuition were about--making way for something new and amazingly entertaining that you couldn't have imagined even as you helped start it.

Don't prop up what is going to fall down anyway.