Saturday, September 19, 2009

The oppressors contol me by making me angry.

When I'm angry, I want to make it force against force, and they have more force of the unimaginative kind thought of when angry.

There are a million ways to chagne the set-up, but when I'm angry, I can only feel one or two.

Maybe I'll come up with a way to explode my rage that will helpothers to be angry and not just me. Any child affected can have secret nightmares that may become public pain unless the kid can find a way to heal into being a being like a patch of earth that grows many kinds of plants, being a person who shows there are many ways to live and helps them happen.

Rage says there is one way.

Sit where life smells good and many different ways may form themselves, ways out of built-in oppression and rage and into. . .I don't know. Meet you there.