Saturday, August 01, 2009

Some leaves are shaped like tear drops except for the wide end being pointed a bit where it meets the stem.

New blocks of sidewalk tend to be light grey, whitish and sometime blueish.

They age toward darker grey, sometimes with some brown.

Water darkens the grey and brings out the brown, if any.

This block of sidewalk is half wet from morning drizzle which is drying. A blodgey border lies between dry grey and wet darker grey brown. On the daker part lie two small leaves, about thumb length and tear-like, one at the center and green, the other near and corner and red.

The green and red stand out against the greys and browns.

I don't think they crying because they didn't get to fall on dirt and rot usefully. I don't think they're crying. Plants and their parts seem to take what comes.