Friday, November 21, 2008

Think. Lead. Heal.

A smart woman I know says she isn't sure that she thinks. Thinking isn't, for her, an accurate word for how she knows what she knows.

She knows a lot, too. She just doesn't know a word for how she gets from experience to wisdom.

I remember that when I imagine writing about women leaders, imagine talking to women leaders about how they lead.

Is lead the word most accurate? Is it the word for what some women do to move to group, to help the group move itself, to help people in the group shine their real shine?

Is it safe to talk about ways of being that help us proceed in a way that is good for each other and for the future?

Go ahead, and do the healing as you can. Rest, eat good food, and heal some more. A press release may not always be necessary.

What's happening in your interior valleys?