Tuesday, September 09, 2008

* The man using the public access computer at the library that I'm waiting for isn't really using it. I've never seen that before in hundreds of waits for the computer.

He's faking using it, and he doesn't know how.

Why? Why does he want to sit in front of a computer when there are all these other seats and why does he not know enough about using it to acutally use it?

My guess is that maybe

1. He doesn't know how to read very well so using it isn't really possible.

2. He's crazy in a way that he can't focus on a task like that and in a way where he feels better if he's in front of a computer.

3. Probably both.

Cities offer many chances to witness things that are both annoyances and societal failures.

He leaves the computer when his time is up, so the annoyance is over. The societal failure marches on.