Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Man of Marble" is a terrific movie, except for the ending. About two very different characters driven to be good and do good in very different ways.

The movie it driven; it moves with the urgency its characters live in.

Until the end, which is low-energy, flat, and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I loved "Man of Marble" when I saw it and was confused by the ending--more confused by the energetic flatness than the lack of coherence. I was like a little kid looking around not understanding what happened. The characters were the same, I guessed, they were the same actors after all, but, huh? What was going on? What wasn't going on?

The world changed. I found out that the director's intended ending had been censored. When I heard that, I instantly raelized how naive I was to not have known that whan I saw the movie. The director told me, plain as plain, by removing his skill and his heart from the ending he was forced to make.

The director of the movie was a director trying to make good and good movies in Connumist Poland. So was one of his characters.

She, the inside the movie director, was driven to make a movie about a worker's hero from the fifties, an actual human who was praised and make into numerous statues, a man of marble.

Such statues and propaganca was long out of fashion when she started to do research for her movie. She had to go to a warehouse to see a stored statue. She wondered what this supposed paragon of fifties Communist Poland actually like.

Good-hearted and idealistic is what he was like. And naive. She is good-hearted and idealistic, though she wouldn't admit, probably not even to herself, but her she is, doing not the most popular thing, looking under old government propaganda when the only source of money for her