Sunday, June 10, 2007

The hag lives in a small house at the edge of town, where human ideas and nature meld into each other.

The hag looks poor and unattractive. Her house looks poor and unattractive. People partly think she's smart and partly are scared of her--often the same people feel these things.

Poor and unattractive edits the number of people who approach her. She's close enough to town to have a feeling for what's happening little and local. She's close enough to nature to feel the big, long moves.

Adults ask her advice sometimes. Children come to gape or ask for help, and some of them return often to see another way of living by watching her and listening to her few words. Positioned between what we make and what makes us, between present and future, she can do some good. The seeds of her good can grow more easily because they are usually not noticed.