Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead were anthropologists who were married for a while and worked together.

They took long hours of people in a island culture engaging in daily activities. How to begin to analyze all that?

Her preferred technique was to watch it all slowly and take detailed notes. His preferred technique was to watch it all through and take no notes, forget about it for a while. Then he would think about what he had seen and find what patterns his mind and the passage of time had shaken out.

Obviously, good people to work together.

I'm more like him. I write about stuff from memory to let the pattern mind and heart have found emerge, and then check the details.

If I checked the details first, I think I would lose some wisdom about the pattern.

"Ulysses" by James Joyce. I've written about it lately, but I haven't read the whole thing lately. I want to do that soon. I will find probably that I'm wrong about some details and will need to change them. I hope I still agree with the bigger patterns that I saw after reading the tough book and letting a big chunk of time pass.