Thursday, April 12, 2007

So maybe many people should reverse the scale they think in.

People who think only what seems to them big is a good enough scale for them could start working tiny.

People who think they could never do anything they see as big should think of something huge and do the first step toward making it real. Then the second step. And on.

And on. To get to "and on" it might be good for individuals and groups to shift their shapes and the very nature of what they do and hope for.

Not everyone has a situation around them where they can make that kind of choice.

Many people do have the possibilities of making choices and U-turns and dances that they haven't made yet but could.

Cjonsumerism and nasty drug use are two things that could be reduced by people changing greatly their routine. Changing what they think a routine could be and then living almost the same and deeply different.