Friday, March 09, 2007

In the book of Proverbs in the Bible, there are many proverbs.

There is also non-proverb words, which don't exactly cohere into one kind of book. The Book of Proverbs is several kinds of books thrown together. That often happens in the Bible, but usually the throwing together process exudes more care than the Book of Proverbs does.

There are three women, two unnamed and one who is an abstraction who feels like a person.

There is the woman who walks around looking desirable and who causes desire in men and who is sneaky.

There is right at the end of Proverbs the good wife. She has many skills that make the household run smoothly and make it so people in the household have enough to eat and good materials around them.

Archaologists note that the people who weren't Bible people who lived around the Bible people, the Canaanites and others, were more advancted technologically than the Bible people. Writers in the Hebrew Bible are all the time railing against foreign wives. If a woman from another tribe had the skills and experience to make things run more smoothly than one of your tribe members, foreign wives might have appeal.

The rather lovely poem to the skilled wife at the end of the book of Proverbs might be a poem to a foreign wife. It doesn't say so.

The other women, Wisdom, is the named woman and the abstration. She seems real, though I've never met any woman like her.

She runs around in the streets of the town telling people what they are doing right and wrong. Lots of people do that in the Hebrew Bible but they are men. Pretty down in mood also. Wisdom seems to be having an exuberant time, being outside, talking to lots of folks. Her vibes feels like that of a successful singer who enjoys the crowds and the attention.

Wisdom has a staff. A group of younger women who go around with her. The other public critics in the Hebrew Bible who are men are also loners. No way do they have cheery followers with them.

Wisdom could be training through example and maybe through actual training these young women to do what she does--go with big happiness around town telling people have they could improve their game.

But it's odd to think of her training because I never saw or heard of a woman doing that--merrily telling truth to folks, no problems.