Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If beautiful women could let their beauty flow free in the air like a flag, fly free in the air like a bird, instead of living inside an earth-bound fence of cat-calls and compliments, life would be different.

We interrupt each other just when we're getting someplace different.

We all need someplace different but we are all programmed to stop someplace different from happening. Peasants in Europe farmed the same way for hundreds of years and it worked, they thought. It barely worked. Sometimes people starved to death, sometimes whole villagers.

But the fear was change would be worse. And since what usually happened barely worked, something that worked worse was a scary idea.

A person really relaxed in this world might think of some better ways for this world to be. Ways better because truly different.

There are many ways people communicate' "You're gorgeous, and I have a plan." And what an unimaginative plan it often is. What if the person is looking gorgeous because they are relaxed and creating something new and about make a first tiny piece of a better world.

"You're gorgeous, and I have a plan," can be another interruption in the long series