Saturday, December 23, 2006

The people in front of one of their second story windows have Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus in small, bright colored lights. It flashes off and on often. I like that they do that because I never would. If I were going to have the Christmas family in lights, my earnestness would keep me from having it flash off and on.

Another house has an elf figure lit from the inside about the size of a human child who has just learned to walk. The elf is center in the middle of about twenty much smaller lit from inside snowmen. It's like a snowman choir directed by a giant.

Folk art is something everyone knows how to do. Combing pre made Christmas stuff to decorate with is a folk art--everyone who wants to do it knows how to do it, and everyone who wants to do it wants to do something at least a little bit different.

It is Christmas Eve Eve. I'm at a library computer. The computer table is decorated on the edge with a paper chain of purple, red, and yellow. No green, a nice touch. When I walked in and saw the usual table decorated with an outside paper chain stapled together by an adult, I did in fact feel something along the lines of cheer. Do the same thing different, brighter, flashing and it works. It's already getting lighter.