Monday, November 20, 2006

There is an Annie Street in San Francisco. It run parallel to New Montgomery and Third, between those streets.

The first part of Annie Street off Market isn't a street for cars anymore. It is a sitting place and growing plants place that isn't particularly well taken care of. Out in the neighborhoods, places like that, unpaved right of ways the city calls them, attract neighboring gardeners and become nice, but downtown isn't like that. Or isn't like that yet.

More upscale people are living downtown and it would be sweet if some would come down from there perches and make the beginning of Annie Street nicer.

When I first noticed Annie Street I thought it would be amusing to live there and have that be an address, but it isn't a place with residential addresses.

People do live on Annie Street, in a way and briefly. It's along one side of the Palace Hotel, the old grand hotel where President Warren Harding got sick and eventually died ahead of the scandal breaking.

So in a period of moneydom, I would rent a room at the Palace and ask for it to face on Annie and live on Annie for a night. After checking with Local 2 about how the Palace treats its workers compared to other local hotels.

Even if I had a ton of dough, it probably wouldn't be worth it to live on Annie Street for a day. I could become a gardener just to fix up Annie Street a bit, but probably not.

When I lived near citizen tended unpaved right of ways that looked like parks, I helped the citizen volunteer gardeners by picking up trash. I like doing that because it's easy. Gardeners don't like doing that because it isn't gardening, and it can make them feel their efforts are for naught.