Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So I hear someone was shot dead at a San Francisco Park, Fort Funston, and I go "Hmmm. . ." A concerned but not alas too deep hmmm. I hear that someone was shot dead at Garfield Square Park and I go, urgently, "What time?"

I don't know exactly where Fort Funston is.

I don't walk near Garfield Square Park now, but I used to quite a bit. A Plan C way to walk between Bernal Heights and 24th and Mission. Really not direct, but I like to walk and see different things.

The man was shot dead at about 6:45 p.m., just a time when I would be walking there during daylight, like now, going from 24th and Mission to Bernal Heights.

Scary. He's deader to me and matter more, and that's not good. I guess it's good for anything to matter.

I've been across the street from Garfield Square Park recently enough to know
that when this guy was shot dead part of the park was torn up for construction to make it better. They already tore up one corner of that park to build a good children's playground. Now they are tearing up another corner to, what?, make the grassy part better?

So did the torn up ness have anything to do with the murder. Two guys shot, one died, from one ethnic group by a group of guys from another ethnic group. Doesn't seem like construction site quality would have anything to do with it. Construction sites have a harsher vibe than parks. Would a little harshness make a difference? Less maneuvering room? I guess I'm thinking about this killing to make up a bit for the many I haven't thought about enough.