Saturday, August 05, 2006

It used to be humans moved without explosions.

Then we cleverly invented the internal combustion engine where small explosions in small circular rooms inside the engine make movement possible.

The background noise of cities is largely all those little explosions in the engines blended together into one rough grey sound.

The background noise of how we think is also explosions. We drive cars, and sometimes think a good way to get things done is a series of explosions. We drive cars, and often think that if we make explosions, we can steer to results of the explosions to exactly where we want.

Body parts that were recently people flung about in many directions from an on-purpose explosion is one reason I'm ashamed to be a human.

The city roar is a tiny bit quieter these days. Some cars, hybrids, move sometimes without explosions going on at all times as they move. Electric cars skip the in-car-gut explosions all together.

So maybe the ear of God can hear the increased quiet.

Maybe in that secret quiet we can listen for ways to move from here to someplace else without going boom. . .molecules and people and birds all intact and yet we're someplace else. The quiet move quietly moves from dream to how we do it.