Thursday, June 15, 2006

When I see a probably Moslem women wearing a scarf, I am supposed to think everything but "This woman really knows how to put on a scarf."

I can tell how much TV people watch by how nasty they are about Moslems.

I wish head scarves would come back for women in general, so that I could walk down the streets of San Francisco wearing jeans, a sweater and a head scarf and I wouldn't stand out. A square of pseudo silk tied under my neck would help me keep warm.

I march to a different thermostat and feel chilly when others don't.

Covering the top of my head helps a lot, seems like it's as good as one or two layers over the whole body, in this mild climate I live in.

Yeah, I wear hats, especially in the winter. I lose hats. It seems like a thin head scarf would be easier to stuff into a pocket and not lose.

***There are teenagers and people in their twenties who are natural creators of actual fashion worn by actual humans. They walk on the same sidewalks as Moslem women who aren't into fashion creation. I want the fashion creators to notice the great scarves of the Moslem women in a way that causes them to produce head scarves for other women for now. This might also make less of a gap between Moslem and non-Moslem women.

I want scarves to evolve in the present, fit in the present, and have some choices with lots less fabric that what Moslem women wear but some of the soft thoughtful feelings. Then I want to wear one of those scarves, be warmer in the rainy season, and lose my warmth head gear less.

Clothes--everyone starts their day choosing to do something or other with cloth and their bodies. Then that's the clothes for that day. When a category of clothes is hot, like Moslem women's headscarves the presumption is sold that every wearer means the very same thing by the wearing. So unlikely. In politics, 60% of the people agreeing on a choice is an amazing landslide. People do what look like the same things for different reasons and for different kinds of reasons.

The vibe of anti-women wearing Moslem headscarves reminds me a lot of the vibe against women wearing pants to work and school when that started. Danger, danger, the end of the world is nigh. When a woman decides what to put on in the morning, the authorities must be there in spirit to keep her from going wrong, taking power, having bad thoughts.

A clothes magazine about what humans actually wear and why would be wild, unheard of, educational.