Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lots of same gender hand holding at the Pride gathering and parade. That's part of the point.

Also more same gender hand holding in San Francisco in the week after Pride Sunday, I think because people are on vacation, and that's part of the point.

Adults in the USA don't hold hands a lot, and that's true of all San Franciscans of all sexual persuasions on the normal weekday. It's different to see two women spring onto the F line from the Castro in the morning commute holding hands as they pay their fare and holding hands all the way downtown.

That may be how people outside San Francisco picture the city (different people puttinga positive or negative sign by the imagined mass hand holding) but it isn't what happens.) Except right after Pride. I think some locals are enboldened and made less uptight and American by Pride. Being of the same gender is not the only reason to not hold hands. There's also US ideas about individualism and not being soft and now it's time to work.

I think most of the workaday hand holders I see are tourists making their imagined utopia more real than it usually is.