Sunday, March 19, 2006

If good girl and bad girl are mentioned at the same time as categories, it's about sex. The bad girl is too available by someone's standard.

However, if a woman talks about being a good girl without bad girl being mentioned, she might not be talking about sex. She might be talking about any number of things.

Here's a situation where there are clear rules. If I follow the rules, I'm being a good girl.

I might be following the rules because I believe they are right, or a generally, on the whole, given how complex the world is, believe they are pretty good rules.

I might be following the rules because I figure it will make my life easier.

Sometimes women get tired of being a good girl in that sense. Just bored maybe. Or it didn't work the way it was supposed to as a road to the easier life.

The woman is not then a bad girl, which is about being too available by someone's standard sexually.

The woman is then in a position to be a very smart and helpful girl, having left someone else's rules behind.

The good girl may have been too available to someone else's rules.