Friday, January 27, 2006

If I pay a lot of attention to the news, I get sucked into categories that have got to be wrong. If I pay none, I live in my own categories, also limited, too tied to when and where I have been learning and my local mood of the moment.

I need to more ask the world silently what's going on. If I learn to do that, reality will sometimes tell me, in its own categories I can barely understand. But I can grow to fit the real categoried and fit the read world

I read once in the magazine "Shaman's Drum" about a woman who had studied plants in a USA university way. She went to the Amazon to look for healing drugs not yet noticed by USA people.

She was past the level of thinking the best way to find such medicine was to grab plant and do lab work.

She went thinking the best way to find medicines was to act the healers who lived there about healing plants.

The woman she tried to do this with said no, the best way to find out what kind of healing a plant can do is to ask the plant.

So the USA woman spent time with the woman who said "ask the plant" and started to learn to ask the plant.