Monday, November 28, 2005

Blessed is the cafe that lets the people who work there play music they like, for it will be called an educational institution.

At the Atlas Cafe, the tune being played under the words being sung is "Amazing Grace."

But the tune being sung above "Amazing Grace" is a different tune. The same kind of tune--simple, folky--but a different tune with different words.

"I'm not going to live in my head no more. I'm not going to live in my head no more." is what the words sung above "Amazing Grace" are saying. I blush, a current ambition or inevitability of my own sung about in public.

There's another verse, "I'm not going to live in the fog no more."

Reality has a lot more precision and depth than the collection of words in the part of my brain that collects words. So if I make reality enter me only through the department of words I miss a lot.

Being a body with all its stubborn, intense ways of knowing is itself amazing grace. If I don't live in my head no more there's still a lot of me left to live in and many worlds to know in whatever way reality says is best to know them.

--the song is by Okay, which is distributed by Absolutely Kosher Records, Okay is a guy named Marty Anderson. Okay has two albums out this year--High Road and Low Road. I haven't figured out what the name of the song is yet--further research is needed on several dimensions.